Nightlife In Moscow: A Kollektiv Guide

Nightlife In Moscow: A Kollektiv Guide

Read our guide to the best nightlife in Moscow – the Kollektiv team picks their favourite bars and clubs from their time living in the city to give you a headstart on your next visit to Russia’s capital.

Veranda 32.05

Situated in Moscow’s scenic Hermitage Garden park, 32.05 takes advantage of its location and the country’s underrated weather in the summer months.

The bar sprawls beyond its small interior and outdoor seating area and into the surrounding park, where hundreds of guests can be found sitting and lying on the grass enjoying a drink.

32.05 is the perfect place for a sunny afternoon bev, a date or as a calm starting point to your night.

veranda 32.05 jpg
Veranda 32.05. Photograph: Facebook


Constantly growing in popularity, Powerhouse is largely attended by Moscow’s young creatives.

It hosts a variety of club nights and live music events, with genres ranging from jazz to grime and house and everything in between – it’s certainly one the most diverse venues out there.

Powerhouse is a minimalistic club: a stage with decks and a backdrop of projected graphics in the main room produces both a laid back or intense atmosphere depending on the occasion.

Powerhouse moscow
Powerhouse. Photograph:


Moscow’s messiest night.

Visited on way too many occasions by the Kollektiv team – to the extent that the bouncer would greet us as we entered – Untitled consists of one small room and features a wide range of themed nights.

Whether you’re up for some hip-hop one week, a Ukrainian night the next (yes, that is a thing) or one entitled God Save British Pop, Untitled has it all.

It’s the ideal place to enjoy all of the best Russian songs.

To both its credit and detriment it’s almost impossible to leave before 5am.

Unfortunately, Untitled closed at the end of 2018, and we’re anxiously awaiting news as to where and whether it may reopen.

Untitled Moscow
Untitled. Photograph: Facebook


Located on the banks of the Moskva river with amazing views of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Strelka comes alive in the summer due to its open air courtyard that hosts a variety of live music events and club nights.

The bar is still worth a visit in the winter, with weekly events in a more intimate indoor venue.

Strelka also boasts a lovely terrace where you can grab a slightly overpriced lunch, and is the host of regular markets where you can pick up locally-produced clothes.

Strelka is known for its fashionable clientele, so be sure to crack out your favourite cyrillic t-shirts, put on some Volchok and wear your freshest creps.

strelka moscow
Strelka. Photograph:

Nauka i Iskusstvo

Nauka i Iskusstvo, which means Science and Art in Russian, is at the centre of the city’s cultural revival, hosting events with up-and-coming Russian brands and collaborating with local artists.

The club is located in a modern building with a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing interior and favours projectors in place of the lights more commonly associated with night clubs.

Nauka i Iskusstvo also uses its outdoor courtyard as a space to give their parties an extra edge.

As the club doesn’t have regular nights, be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.

nauka i iskusstvo moscow
Nauka i Iskusstvo. Photograph: Mixmag Russia


One of Moscow’s trendiest bars, at Enthusiast you’ll find a young crowd, brightly coloured walls, a relaxed atmosphere and Moscow’s best dressed doormen.

Closing no later than 1am on any night, Enthusiast certainly isn’t the place for a mad one, however its laid-back vibe makes it a must visit for anyone who finds themselves in Russia’s capital.

enthusiast moscow
Enthusiast. Photograph: Barpass

Get Jerry

Get Jerry has got on board with Moscow’s recent trend for artisan beer and cask ales, boasting a wide range of drinks on tap from around the world.

A relatively straightforward establishment that attracts a mixed clientele, Get Jerry does real ale without the pretentious overtones.

We’d recommend trying one of the well-priced burgers, an ideal accompaniment to any of their beers.

get jerry moscow
Get Jerry. Photograph: Trip Advisor

Sosna i Lipa

Made up of three adjacent rooms, each with their own bar, Sosna i Lipa is deceivingly big and caters for all occasions, with a wide range of drinks on offer, food options and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays.

Situated in Moscow’s Kitai-Gorod area (translates as China Town, but it’s not an actual Chinatown) Sosna i Lipa is initially hard to find and has a rather unassuming run down entrance.

But don’t let this put you off – the bar is extremely popular with Moscow’s youth and has a great atmosphere at the weekend.

sosna i lipa moscow
Sosna i Lipa. Photograph: Lena Tsibizova


Possibly the biggest and most famous super club in Moscow, Gipsy is famous for its bright lights, heavy beats, a ball pit and inconsistent door policy.

Gipsy’s cathedral-like ceilings and windows makes the club feel airy despite the huge numbers of revellers. For when the dancing gets too much, there’s plenty of space to have a sit down, relax and a quiet drink.

Talking of drinks, the prices are high, but we’d definitely argue that the experience alone is worth braving the bouncers and the £7 Coronas at least once.

gipsy moscow
Gipsy. Photograph: Jetset Report

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