IC3PEAK – The Russian Electronic Music Duo

IC3PEAK – The Russian Electronic Music Duo

Who are IC3PEAK?

IC3PEAK are a Russian electronic music duo formed by Anastasiya Kreslina and Nikolay Kostlev in Moscow in 2013. Their genre is hard to place, hovering between experimental electronic pop, witch house, and even experimental hip hop. They have a very distinct sound and an even more recognisable gothic aesthetic.

Why are IC3PEAK famous?

IC3PEAK are best known for their controversial and outspoken attitude towards the Russian state and Russian society. Their stark and often graphic videos, which are accompanied by scathing lyrics, make them stand out as one of the strongest and most recognizable artists in Russia’s growing counterculture.

As well as using their music to protest, they have actively taken part in demonstrations and found themselves on the wrong side of the  law. In 2018, they were arrested in the  Siberian capital Novosibirsk, resulting in them missing their planned concert in the city. In the same year, a number of shows were subject to cancellation as a result of Russia’s crackdown on artists that opposed the Russian state.

IC3PEAK have something for everyone. Enjoy alternative gothic music? You’re sorted. Don’t enjoy the music but are into dark and gruesome aesthetics? They’ve got you covered. Staunch supporter of Putin? You’ve got something to be angry at.

What are the best IC3PEAK songs?

We’d recommend listening Смерти Больше Нет (Death No More) for your first IC3PEAK experience. From there, check out Грустная Сука (Sad Bitch) and Марш (Marching).

As a note, the group now primarily sings in Russian, despite starting off with largely English vocals – however, they do provide English subtitles for most of their recent videos.

What albums have IC3PEAK released?

IC3PEAK have released five albums since their formation nearly a decade ago. It’s well worth digging into their back catalogue and taking a listen to how their sound has progressed over the years.

Their albums come under the following names:

2015 – IC3PEAK

2016 – Fallal

2017 – Сладкая Жизнь (Sweet LIfe)

2018 – Сказка (Fairytale)

2020 – До Свидания (Goodbye)

Where can you listen to IC3PEAK?

You can listen to IC3PEAK on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. However, for the full experience and total immersion in their sound and vibe, you’ll want to check out their YouTube channel. 

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