Who is Feduk?

Who is Feduk?

Feduk is a Moscow born singer known for some of the most popular songs in Russia today. Born  Fedor Insarov in 1992, Feduk has become one of – if not the biggest – pop stars in Russia today, releasing hit after hit in recent years.

Why is Feduk famous?

Feduk first came to prominence with his 2013 track Околофутбола (Kicking Off) for the soundtrack of the Russian football hooligan film of the same name.

Since then, Feduk’s popularity has only grown, with his 2017 hit Розовое вино (Rosé) in collaboration with Russian rapper Элдже́й (Eldzhey) becoming ubiquitous in Russian clubs and on Russian radio.

His biggest hit yet has almost 300 million views on Youtube and he has over a million followers on instagram – it’s worth giving him a follow, if only to get a little jealous at his somewhat lavish lifestyle.

Feduk not only has the numbers behind him, but has also been recognised at Russian award shows. In 2018, he was nominated for Breakthrough Act of the Year at both Ru.tv and the Fashion People Awards, and in 2019 was nominated for Best Hip Hop Act at two more national award shows.

What are the best Feduk songs?

The best place to start with Feduk would be the previously mentioned Rosé. Start with his biggest (and arguably best) and work your way from there.

More recent singles include Бэнгер (Banger) and Маяк (Lighthouse) from his most recent album Йай (Yay), and his early releases Околофутбола (Kicking Off) and Нотный Стаф (Notes and Stuff) will give you a more rounded view of the artist.

Or if you want some additional Feduk classics, have to a listen to Закрывай Глаза (Close your eyes) and Моряк (Seaman), linked below.

What albums has Feduk released?

Feduk has released the following 7 albums since his debut project Сезон Пожарче (Fire Season) in 2013:

2013 Сезон пожарче (Fire Season – with Toobe) 

2014 Ghetto Space

2015 Наш Остров (Our Island)

2016 Фри (Fries)

2017 F&Q

2018 More Love

2020 Йай (Yay)

Where can you listen to Feduk?

You can listen to Feduk on Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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