Best Collaborations in Russian Streetwear

Best Collaborations in Russian Streetwear

The past year has seen some unexpected and unforgettable collaborations in Russian streetwear. In our second Features article, we take a look at five of the best.

Kruzhok x MMK

Whilst Russia and space go hand in hand, no one would predict that the world-famous Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics (MMK) would play a part in one of the most exciting streetwear collections of the year. Kruzhok’s collaboration with MMK drew on Russia’s long history in space exploration, celebrating the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 and the Soviet Union’s leading scientists. The oversized boxy fit of the sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts resemble spacesuits and other items of spacewear, and their designs celebrate not only major figures and events in Russian space history, but also the relationship with other major players in the Space Race, the USA and China. Check out the images above for a selection of our favourites from their look-book.

Outlaw x Puma

Whilst Puma isn’t synonymous with streetwear, Russia’s Outlaw has helped it deliver one of the sickest drops of the year. Their puffy parkas with АУТЛО (Outlaw) emblazoned on the back in combination with a range of football shirts and trainers have garnered some much deserved attention in the fashion world. Recently UK grime artist Ghetts posted a picture on his Instagram donning one of their jackets, showing that the collection has made its way into the international market. Outlaw has set the marker for Russian brands when collaborating with sportswear giants.

Yunost x KFC

This one’s as good as it sounds. Getting on board with the recent trend for workwear and unusual collaborations (Vetements x DHL, anyone?), Yunost dropped one of the most original collections of the year. Not only does the KFC logo in Cyrillic – КФС – look amazing on a t-shirt or a hoodie, the Russian brand took the designs beyond the ‘Cyrillic on t-shirt’ trope. The vibrant and unique designs are based on the fast-food chain’s iconic Colonel Sanders image and its red, white and yellow branding. This collection shows that Yunost will remain a creative force to be reckoned with for some time.

Walk of Shame x Reebok

Walk of Shame took their first step into streetwear and sportswear with an aesthetically pleasing collaboration with Reebok. Using key pieces from the Reebok Classics range as a canvas, Walk of Shame created some unique items that are now very difficult to get hold of. Central to the collection – which consists of a t-shirt, bum bag, cap and trainers – is Reebok’s logo as well as the words Классика (Classic) and Волк оф Шейм (Walk of Shame), in a variety of contrasting pastel colours. We’re looking forward to seeing what Walk of Shame can bring to the streetwear game in the coming year.

Rassvet x Carhartt WIP

No yearly summary on Russian streetwear would be complete without a mention of Russia’s best known skate brand. In collaboration with Canadian brand Carhartt WIP, they released a collection featuring oversized sweaters and t-shirts adorned with Рассвет (Rassvet) in Carhartt’s trademark font. Beanies, shirts, jeans, denim jackets and some overalls were also included in the collection. The drop demonstrates why Gosha Rubchinskiy and Tolia Titaev’s brand continues to be held in such high regard both in Russia and abroad.

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