Who is Antoha MC?

Who is Antoha MC?

Who is Antoha MC?

Antoha MC is a Russian singer, rapper, and trumpet player. Using a variety of sounds and styles, he creates a cohesive, unusual, and instantly recognizable (and danceable) sound. 

This distinct sound is a fusion of hip hop/rap, jazz, funk and reggae that somehow avoids cliches and pastiche. 

Bubbly beats are complemented by lyrics that and musical themes that never stray far from his roots. With albums called “Homeland” and “About Me,” Antoha is proud of his Moscow background and wants to tell his local story in an engaging and often fun manner. 

His music has certainly evolved over the years, developing a more mature sound and touching on more serious themes whilst maintaining an overall upbeat and positive feel.

In more recent months, Antoha showed up at pro-Navalny protests with a large drum and was swiftly arrested. The musician, however, is far from one of Russia’s protest artists, but rather is reflective of the regular Moscow middle class from which he emerged.

What are the best Antoha MC songs?

Antoha has a rich back catalogue of music ranging back to 2011 for you to explore.

The following songs are our recommendations to give you a feel for Antoha’s sound:

Earlier this year he released the 4 track EP — Всё вокруг от чистоты — which is also well worth a listen.

What albums has Antoha MC released?

Antoha has released 6 full length albums, with the first in 2011 and the most recent in 2019. With a string of recent singles and EPs throughout 2020, we’re hoping for another full length release in 2021.

2011 – От всей души – From All the Soul

2015 – Всё Проидёт – All Will Pass

2016 – Родня – Homeland

2017 – Сборник ремиксов – Collection of Remixes

2017 – Советы для молодоженов – Advise for Newlyweds

2019 – Про Меня – About Me

Where can you listen to Antoha MC?

You can catch Antoha MC’s more recent releases on Youtube music, Spotify and Apple Music.

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