Established in Miami in 2013 by Moscow streetwear veterans Anton Tyulenev and Maxim Ivanov, Yunost – whose name means ‘youth’ – quickly became one of the leading names in the recent rise of Russian streetwear. Influenced by the brand’s American roots, Yunost’s bright colour palettes and bold, often cartoonish designs have struck a chord with young Russians.

Yunost doesn’t release seasonal collections, choosing instead to drop new releases as and when inspiration strikes. Yet each of the brand’s ranges, often in collaboration with illustrators and other designers, are striking in their own way: with names such as ‘Rave’, ‘Nuclear Spring’ and ‘Nothing to Lose’, each collection is as striking as the last.

The brand surpassed even their audacious past releases in 2018 with perhaps Russian streetwear’s most eye-catching collaboration: a collection designed in partnership with none other than fast-food giant KFC itself. Get your hands on pieces from the ultra-exclusive range, as well as other classic designs, at Kollektiv.

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