Boasting some of the most eye-catching designs in Russian streetwear, Volchok is one of Russia’s most recognisable brands. Since its foundation in 2014 by Vasily Volchok-Rusakovich, Volchok Clothing has expanded not only within Russia but also throughout Europe, having recently opened outlets in Kiev, Berlin and Barcelona.

Having first garnered attention with their stark monochrome aesthetic and bleak Cyrillic slogans, Volchok have become ever more adventurous. Drawing on rave, skate and tattoo cultures, as well as ideas about urban dystopia and surveillance, the brand’s recent designs are increasingly diverse. Collaborations with artists and designers from Spain, Germany, China and Indonesia are a testament to Volchok’s increasingly global outlook and desire to experiment. 

Volchok’s SS19 collection, Predatory Things of the Century, takes its name from a 1964 novel by Russia’s Strugatsky brothers. The collection, like the novel, explores the role of the individual in a hedonistic, decadent city environment. With its images of security cameras, barbed wire and all-seeing eyes, Predatory Things of the Century asks what it means to be a city resident in the 21st century.

The influence of Volchok on the rise of Russian streetwear culture is undeniable. Kollektiv, having witnessed it first hand, is proud to present a selection of classic and recent pieces from this iconic brand.

Click here to read more about the brand in our interview with the founder.

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