Legends of the Russian streetwear scene, Saint Petersburg’s Mech (“Sword”) have been making high-quality clothing for the best part of a decade. Having started small in 2011, when they began printing their own designs on t-shirts for friends, they have gradually grown into one of Russia’s most recognisable streetwear brands.

While the designs have changed and the brand has evolved, Mech’s DIY ethos has remained the same, with a focus on high-quality materials and prints at the heart of what the brand does.

Mech Clothing are unique in that they are more than just “streetwear”. While they describe themselves as the “embodiment of city culture and the reflection of its constant evolution”, they are also strongly influenced by Russia’s vast natural expanses, from the Caucasus mountains to the Kamchatka Peninsula.

This love for the outdoors pervades everything Mech do, and is best exemplified in their Adventure Club blog, where they show off their pieces in far-flung spots across Russia and beyond.

The brand’s new Instinkt Svobody (Freedom Instinct) collection, available at Kollektiv, unites Mech’s love of the city with their adventurous spirit. With a globe as its logo and designs taking inspiration from Lake Baikal and the 1980 Moscow Olympics, this collection is even more strongly influenced by both nature and the city than Mech’s previous releases.

All the brand’s items are hand-made, giving them an authentic, high-quality feel, and Freedom Instinct’s light, pastel tones make it perfect for summer.

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