sweatshirt and bag from russian brand fusion
Iridium Sweatshirt by Fusion

Russian-Ukrainian brand Fusion Clothing’s name is no coincidence. Artyom Kryukov’s three-man collective believe in fashion as a fusion: a fusion of disparate influences and subcultures, bringing together like-minded people whose “youthful energy shapes the future”.

Each of the brand’s collections represents a fusion of some sort. Taking the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunion of two Berlins as its focus, the “Berlin Wall” range juxtaposes historical imagery with modern designs and loud colourways. The central theme of the collection is “unity in all its forms: unity of thought, unity of music, unity of belief”, which Fusion believe is still the key to “surviving in this big world”.

The pharmaceutical-inspired Fusion Lab, on the other hand, is the result of tireless experimentation with and fusion of different materials, shapes and colours. Through this constant pushing of boundaries, Fusion aim to create a “streetwear panacea; a universal wardrobe for every day”.

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