moscow zoo sweatshirt
Moscow Zoo Sweatshirt by Felix Malikovich

Search ‘Felix Malikovich’ on Google and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any information on the enigmatic Moscow brand. Indeed, when Kollektiv asked ‘Felix’ whether ‘he’ could give us a short description of the brand, we were met with the reply ‘Hi bro! Unfortunately not.’

Despite the elusiveness, Felix Malikovich sweatshirts and other pieces are worn by some of Russia’s most well-known musicians, such as Serebro’s Katya Kishchuk (@kk_serebroofficial).

With a bit of digging, Kollektiv was able to determine that Felix Malikovich is more than just a one man brand, consisting of a team of equally secretive designers producing exclusive, high-quality streetwear not available on the mass market.

Kollektiv is excited to be the first platform to offer the iconic Moscow Zoo sweatshirt outside of Russia.

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