BICH’s designs, equal parts tongue-in-cheek and depressive, present what they see as Russia’s “national code”. From vintage sweaters to satirical tees, their latest collection embodies the idea of our imperfection and the “scourge living in all of us”.

BICH don’t take themselves too seriously, and they don’t think we should either. Even their name epitomises this; a bilingual play on words with several layers of meaning, it translates as “scourge” in Russian, while also standing for Byvshiy Intelligentniy Chelovek (Former Intelligent Human) and, yes, doesn’t sound a million miles away from a certain English word. 

Self-awareness and self-deprecation are central to what BICH do. In their own words, they are not about the “Lamborghinis, super-mega-faces, or loft apartments” that litter their home city of Moscow. Instead, they offer a “view from the outside” to show who we really are; how we “don’t fit into the system, our invincible infantilism, our everyday habits, the precariousness of life, the intrusive idea of freedom and rejecting social norms”. We are all imperfect, and for BICH that’s just fine. 

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