Hailing from Sergiev Posad, a small town just outside of Moscow, Anton Lisin always dreamed of starting his own skatewear brand. His experience of growing up in the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church, however, meant that things were never going to be quite that simple.

Anton Lisin Clothing is the culmination of Anton’s own personality, upbringing and environment, with an attention to detail brought about by previous work as a model with Gosha Rubchinskiy and his conviction that fashion should be art, not just a product.

Inspired by “the Russian mentality and the darkness within it”, Anton’s designs draw heavily on the imagery of Russian folklore and the Orthodox Church which were so close to him growing up. His fascination with the dark aesthetic of black metal music adds an extra layer of bleakness, and the predominance of black, white and red give Anton’s latest collection a striking Gothic feel.

With all pieces produced locally within his home country, Anton Lisin is an iconic name within the Russian underground scene. Anton’s work, which goes beyond “post-Soviet” cliches, depicts a side to Russia and its culture that is often neglected outside of the country. As he summarises, “all of my designs are reflections of what surrounds me. All of this happens to be Russia right now.”

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