The Kollektiv Team. From left to right: Joel Venson, Tom Waugh and Emil Martyr

Kollektiv is an online marketplace that promotes and sells Russian streetwear brands to a global audience. It was set up by three British graduates currently working in Moscow, who during their year abroad in St. Petersburg and Kazan witnessed the rapid rise of Russian streetwear culture and committed to broadcasting this to a new audience.

The website is the first dedicated retailer of Russian streetwear in the British market, and aims to become a key platform for Russian brands to promote their collections to a new international audience.

Kollektiv looks to provide quality Russian streetwear to customers worldwide using efficient and trusted channels to ensure a reliable transaction every time.

The brand aims to show a side of Russian culture that is generally overlooked, establishing a new, positive connection within the streetwear community.

Мы – Коллектив.

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